Frequently Asked Questions:

What if there is no group in my area?

You can sign up for a group before or after the birth of your baby, however, we strongly urge you to register prior to the birth of your baby so we can meet your needs and build the interest in your area to create a new group. If, however, we can’t match your area, we will try our best to match you to a network within a 30 mile radius.

Thirteen years ago, Maria’s original network came together from all over County Galway and they are still meeting up! It is good to branch your support from beyond where you live.

What if I want to join a network and don’t want to wait for a new group to start in my area?

You can do this. Our facilitator will attend your first meeting to guide your transition into an already established group. The cost would be the same as starting in a brand new network.

What are the benefits for my baby?

All your worries about your childs’ first day at school and making friends will be taken away, because, before your child even starts crèche or play school, you and your baby will already have friends and playmates within your network. The group will help build and protect your baby's emotional health and social growth in a very natural setting closely attached to his/her mum.

What are the benefits for my partner?

A new baby creates new dynamics in a relationship that can leave mums feeling isolated. Getting emotional support and affirmation from other mums will build your self-esteem and confidence in your new role as a mother. Thus, your confidence thrives with the support of our professionals and other mothers, and your partner will appreciate this. The strength of your new friendships will ensure your partner is involved and not off the hook in his responsibilities to the new baby - a fun mummy night out or something cheap & cheerfull with your new friends will promote Dad’s confidence into parenthood. Family day out will develop as your network strengthens, and Dads get to meet other dads.

Does meeting up become expensive?

We advocate simplicity and quality get togethers in convenient locations (usually a local hotel). 

What if my child has a disability?

Inclusiveness is another one of our principles. We value every mum and baby, and it is essential to empower mothers who have a child with a disability so they can enjoy motherhood. We, as mothers, need to know what is expected from us and our children in society so we can ensure that it is a better, equal place. Mothers with children who have a disability can help make this happen by joining our network to gain information and support from their group.

What if I can’t join a network due to ill health? 

We will do our very best to get you into a network as soon as you are ready. We strongly advise joining a network within a month of delivery to receive and enjoy the full benefit of postnatal support your group will offer. When Networking Mothers Ireland™ was created 13 years ago, we started at 3 months following birth, however, mums told us they needed that network of support & friendship even earlier. Our evidence based research identifies that a new mother's typical areas of support begin to fall away at about three week after the baby's birth.

What happens when I return to work?

Our format gives you the skills to continue your network group after returning to work. Being supported by your network allows an easier transition back into work, and helps give you the confidence to introduce a new routine for the baby. 

What if I don’t want my baby compared with other babies?

We advocate uniqueness. Mothers are helped to understand that babies reach their milestones at different stages. As your baby is growing, your anxiety as a parent is reduced when you see your baby reaching milestones like other babies - we help provide an environment where you can share and discuss any milestone worries or  anxiety about you baby's development with other mums who understand your queries. Our meeting facilitator, a PHN/midwife, along with other specialists will also provide guidelines and expert advice along the way.

What if we are a same sex couple, single mum, or an adoptee?

Diversity is key to success join us and help strengthen mothers for motherhood . In the US, 30% of female same sex couples are parents.

Is what I tell the group kept confidential?

Confidentiality is one of our 10 key principles. When mums sign up to networking mothers they agree to these principles.

What if I am breastfeeding? Bottle feeding? Or both combined?

Our approach to parenting is very unique to each mum, whatever your choice of feeding we support you. If breastfeeding or bottlefeeding is your choice and you require extra help, our team of experts will be there from birth. From your first encounter with our expert professionals, we empower you to share and enjoy your baby with other mothers.

What happens if I have another baby and what to join again?

When we evaluated the success of this model, we found mums joined a network after each baby. What does that say for Networking Mothers Ireland™? We value mothers for each and every baby the have! If you have been a member for your last baby, we offer a discount to all our members on subsequent babies.

Can I join the group if my baby is six months?

Yes, you can. Your network may be up and running with babies who are a few month old, but we will introduce you and facilitate your first meeting with an established group in your area.

What if I have an older child and I want to meet other babies/toddlers the same age?

We will offer the same secure model to you with our facilitators to meet your babys’ development, queries, or we will give you the option of meeting older babies without a facilitator for free. Email us at:

Why does it cost €120 Euro?

All our facilitators are professionals PHN/Midwives, and some will be also be lactation consultants that understand motherhood. Our research has identified how difficult motherhood can be to navigate through. We want to create the optimum support for you and your baby! Our networks match you with babies as close to your baby’s birth month/ age and as close as possible to where you live, so we can enable a positive network of support for you as you transition into motherhood with the group we create. 

In a comfortable setting, each network recieves two hours of facilitation from our professional PHN/midwife for the first three weeks. Core information is delivered, however, for mums to learn, we like our networks to be mammy lead. 

Our unique networks’ range from between 5-10 mums. You will find your reliance on Dr. Google will be reduced considerably as our professionals answer your many questions about motherhood. In fact, the WhatsApp group created for you and the other mums on week three will be your new Google for motherhood as you all begin to text, share and meet up regularly. 

Our model is researched evidence based that is quality driven. All our networks follow our evidenced based principles. We empower every mother in the networks though our interactive learning, so your network sustains you on your journey into motherhood. Helping you to normalise motherhood is key to moving forward.